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“Came home from a business trip to find the AC wasn’t kicking on. Made a phone call after hours and they fit me in… Charles the technician identified the issue, explained our options and got us back up and running quickly. Everyone I spoke with was very professional and a pleasure to work with.”
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Drain Line Cleaning and Inspection

Drain line cleaning and inspection – Whether you’re dealing with a backed up main drain line, frustrated with a slow draining sink, or in need of a visual video inspection confirming proper working condition of your drain lines, Krohn Plumbing has the equipment and expertise to resolve any situation.

Why Choose Our Services

Trusted Service

You can have confidence and trust that the professional performing the work on your property is providing you with what you need and nothing you don’t.

Professional Experiences

Our mechanics will take the time to explain their discoveries and make certain you understand what work needs to be performed and why.

Cost-Effective Recommendations

We will provide cost-effective recommendations and ensure you understand your options so you can confidently make a decision without any surprises.

Family owned and operated for 70+ years!

Family-owned and operated for more than 70 years, Krohn Plumbing has spent decades providing affordable, dependable, quality work to our valued customers.

Over a Century of Experience!

Even with a smaller company profile, our technicians have more than a century of collective experience in the plumbing and HVAC industries.  Master plumber certified, EPA certified, and formally school-trained, our mechanics have logged tens of thousands of hours installing, maintaining, servicing, diagnosing, repairing, and replacing all aspects of domestic water, sanitation, and HVAC systems.